Presenting at St. Louis C++ Meetup on August 9th

I'll be presenting some of my experiences using C++ for embedded development, specifically my ARM Cortex-M4F Synthesizer project, at the St. Louis C++ Meetup next month (August 2017). The meeting is free and open to the public. Please RSVP on the Meetup site here.

St. Louis C++ Meetup

My ARM Cortex-M4F Synthesizer (shown below) is a fully functioning MIDI synthesizer that runs on an ARM Cortex-M4F processor. The project utilizes a Texas Instruments Tiva LaunchPad development board.

I wrote the software running on the ARM Cortex-M4F processor in C++. The code is available on GitHub here. I'll be demoing this project at the meeting as well as discussing the development process and challenges involved in using C++ in the embedded domain. There will be plenty of opportunity for Q&A as well.

Date: July 24th, 2017 at 10:10am
Author: Terence Darwen
Tags: C++, C++ Meetup, Embedded, Tiva LaunchPad, TM4C123G, ARM-Cortex-M4, Synthesizer, Synth

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